3 Misconceptions You Don’t Want to Have When Planning a Catering Melbourne Event

A lot of people get stressed when planning their big catering Melbourne event. To be fair, handling any event that involves food is a huge responsibility. You want to make sure everyone enjoys the menu and the experience. Plus, you have to make sure you provide appetising dishes while sticking to your budget.



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Sometimes, all it takes to get rid of the pressure is a little thinking out of the box. Yes, fancy plated dinners and generous buffets are popular and have a better guarantee of satisfying your guests’ appetites. But they aren’t the only options.




Don’t allow the following common misconceptions about event catering hold back your menu planning creativity and resourcefulness:




1. Cocktail catering makes you look cheap



If you still think that, then you haven’t seen all the images on social media showing all the craze for finger food Melbourne parties. From weddings to international conferences, today’s cocktail catering allows event planners to showcase a more creative, classy, and even intimate setting.




Just take a look at the spread of choices at a finger food catering event and you’ll find elegantly presented hors d’oeuvres, sandwiches, and other delights using the finest ingredients. Having Essential Catering + Events professional servers passing around the goods adds a touch of fanciness.




2. Simple or common ingredients are boring



Expensive and special ingredients can make a dish even more superb. But when you’re working on a budget, serving lobsters and Kobe beef means your bill can leave a bad taste in your mouth, especially if those products are hard to come by in your region.




Choosing to go with simple, local, and seasonal ingredients doesn’t just make your food more affordable, it also makes it easier for your catering Melbourne specialists to create an incredible menu. This is because they can easily source the needed products and they’ll have plenty to work with.




Additionally, expert caterers can turn even the simplest of ingredients into the fanciest and tastiest of dishes. If you’re looking for a catering company who can offer you flexibility and top quality, check out the Melbourne event caterers at https://essentialcaterer.com.au.




Additional Tip: Simple food can be more enjoyable if you serve them at themed food action stations. The ingredients are laid out so guests can choose what to use in their ‘signature dish’, then your hired party catering staff can prepare it in front of them. The cooking performance and the idea that they are creating ‘chorizo penne ala Patrick’ can make the whole experience much more fun even when they’re just having pasta.




3. You need to spend a lot to offer more variety



When you need to cater to a large crowd, you know there are a lot more varying food preferences to deal with. It’s awesome if you can lay out an international buffet spread, but if you’re limited on a budget, street food stalls are a creative and affordable solution. Look for a catering Melbourne company that can supply themed and decorated stalls and serve popular street food. You’ll be serving the flavours of the world in a more fun setting.




Partnering with an experienced and innovative caterer is a huge help in planning a successful catering event that needs to work within budget. This vital tip is no misconception.